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A Passage Beyond Fortune (2022)
Credit - Writer/Director. Produced by National Film Board of Canada.


A Passage Beyond Fortune follows the Chow family as they reflect on the popular but untrue myth surrounding Moose Jaw’s underground tunnels. Filmmaker Weiye Su offers an homage to the culturally significant but buried history of Chinese-Canadian communities in Moose Jaw.




Jia (2020)
Credit - Writer/Director. Produced by National Film Board of Canada

A young Chinese-Canadian couple is visiting family in Wuhan, epicentre of the virus, at the very moment the pandemic is declared. Interviewing his subjects in a novel socially distanced mode, director Weiye Su explores the culturally specific concept of Jia—an idea evoking family or home that acquires sharp new meaning during COVID times.

Dearest/less Nights (2021)
Credit - Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor. Funded by Saskatchewan Art Board & Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative. 

An experimental film explores my personal feelings at night through prairie landscape.

My World Is No Longer The World I Knew (2019)
Credit - Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor. Independent. 

After 18 years, I returned to my first home in China, only to find that while everything appeared unchanged, nothing felt quite the same.

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