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Mountain I (2019)

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"I was taken by the mysterious and evocative art works by Weiye Su when I first saw them, and they continue to exude their charms with repeated viewing. I like the fusion of the minimal, almost primitive, technique of pinhole photography with collage and digital drawing. The test strips of pinhole prints included in the collage are muddied with chemicals and light leaks, calling to mind cosmic storms, ancient mountains, volcanic eruptions and the wild power of nature."


Editor-in-Chief LensCulture

The Netherlands

Phantamagoria (2022)

An extract from the artist statement 

From a young age, I have been captivated by nature’s enduring presence, surpassing any human lifespan. It’s as if nature holds a deeper wisdom, an understanding of life that eludes our grasp. 

Driven by a quest to make sense of the world and find solace amidst life’s challenges, I sought a means to communicate with the natural world. I ventured outdoors, immersing myself in nature’s embrace. And there, amidst the wilderness, a peculiar revelation unfolded before me. I started noticing intriguing

resemblances between shapes and lines in nature and familiar objects found in everyday life. This revelation sparked an insatiable fascination within me - what is the connection of nature and everyday objects? 

Encounter (2022)

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